Our Story

Belle, Ashley, Sam, Matt & Willie

Belle, Ashley, Sam, Matt & Willie

We are Matt and Ashley, award-winning visual storytellers, husband and wife, and puppy parents. 

We started in 2007 after completing a documentary about Matt's late Grandfather, Delbert. Delbert combined Matt's passion for movies with Ashley's love for family history. We were so excited about the project and before we knew it people were asking us to film their weddings. 

We started small and simple, but with a clear vision of where we wanted to go. Though we are still small and simple, our vision continues to grow and push us further than we ever dreamed. Hampton Road Studios allows us to not be "just a company" but to become invested in the lives of people and brands. A big "Thank You" is owed to all of our wonderful clients of the past, present, and future. They have allowed us to be able to have the best job in the world.

Five Facts About Us

  1. We love being married and are rarely apart!
  2. We have two large Miniature Pinschers (Sam, and Willie) who are spoiled rotten!
  3. We do not have cable, but we did watch LOST weekly using 'rabbit ears'.
  4. We love coffee.
  5. We have our meetings while on walks around the neighborhood.
  6. We make 'home movies' when we go on adventures.

Get to Know Matt

  • He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for Honda Manufacturing as a Quality Engineer.
  • He isn't afraid to try something new.
  • He loves discovering new music.
  • He loves reading the latest tech news.
  • He's always ready to watch a movie. 

Get to Know Ashley

  • She has a Masters in Accounting. 
  • She has to read the instructions before trying something new. 
  • She loves discovering new food. 
  • She loves finding new podcasts that educate or entertains.
  • She is always ready to "do something."

Matt & Ashley's Adventures