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The Salvation Army of Birmingham spotlights a success story during their Annual Dinner every year. This video focuses on the journey of one family and was played during the dinner. 


This year The Salvation Army reached out to us to tell a more engaging and emotional story of the family. They were looking for a documentary approach verses a corporate video approach.


Our approach was to engage the viewer and draw them into Sherri's story. We wanted the viewer to feel like she was someone they knew and for them to become emotionally invested in her story. The film being viewed during dinner created a challenge for us. We needed to create a story that drew viewers away from their conversations and into Sherri's journey. 

We developed a concept that began with the family back at the shelter reliving the first days of their journey with The Salvation Army. Our goal was for the viewer to feel what Sherri felt as she took the first step. The viewer would feel that Sherri's story could be their story. As Sherri took us through her journey, we transitioned to her present day. This showed how instrumental The Salvation Army was to helping turn her and her son's life around. 


During the dinner, the final film engaged the viewers and they turned away from their conversations to join Sherri's journey with her. They became invested in her story. This allowed the viewers to see how their donations and volunteer work truly is changing the lives of people and giving them hope. This film also shares with others how The Salvation Army is changing the City of Birmingham and giving people hope. 

Salvation Army Documentary
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