Merri + Matt's Surprise

Merri and Matt started talking to us this fall about doing a Day In The Life for their one year anniversary. All of their family was going to be in town, and they wanted to do a "One Year" later video back at "their" barn. It sounded like a fun video to us and we were on board.

As the date got closer, Merri and I were talking on the phone and she sprang on me the REAL reason they wanted the video. They were pregnant with their first child and they wanted to tell their family all at one. They wanted us their to capture this next major event in their life. We were ecstatic! We were so happy for Merri and Matt and could not wait to capture their big reveal.

On 11/11/12, we met Merri, Matt, their dogs/wedding party Callie & Link, along with our friend and photographer Jack at "their" barn. The place where just a short year ago they were getting married. We talked to Merri and Matt before their family arrived. Hearing about their first year of marriage and getting their thoughts on what their family will think.

Once their family arrived, we recreated the group photo from their wedding. After the first "WOOO" photo, Merri said "be really excited because we're having a baby." Everyone's WOOOs turned into WHATs! My favorite is Matt says "No, she's serious." I (Ashley) must admit, I lost it and tears were streaming down my face. (I still get teary-eyed every time I watch it.) The moments following the announcement were so precious. The air was filled with sniffles, laughter, congratulations and love.

Merri and Matt, we are so blessed to have been a part of such special moments in your life. Thank you for trusting us to preserve your story! We can not wait to meet the newest member of the Crow family!!

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The Pair Family {fall 2012}

As fall got closer, we began making plans with the Pair family for their second annual Day In The Life shoot. It's amazing to see how much Ava has changed since last year's shoot. She went from not being able to crawl, to a walking, talking (two words at a time), active little girl. We had a blast chasing her around!

The day ended up a little colder and windier than we would have liked, but the moments we captured will warm your heart. I love that any time Ava said "Mommy," it would be followed by "Daddy" and vice versa. She is so precious!

Next fall, this sweet family will be a family of four! We can not wait to meet the newest Pair!

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The Ashburn Family | A Day In The Life

A day in the Ashburn Family's life begins with Eric's shift at the fire department ending. Barrett was in awe of all the shine and buttons on the firetrucks.

After a change of clothes and a little lunch, they got to spend the rest of the day enjoying the beautiful spring weather as a family in Chattanooga, TN. They visited a toy story, played in Coolidge Park and rode the carousel ... what more could a 7 month old want.

Barrett smiles and lights up anytime Jessica and Eric talk to him. He also really likes to be tossed into the air.  I'm sure he will have an adventurous spirit like his father.  He is definitely a Smiley, Jr (Eric's nickname).

One of our favorite shots was when Jessica places the cowboy hat on Barrett's head and he looks up at it cross-eyed.  He is such a little cutie.

By the end of the day, Barrett was exhausted and decided it was nap time.  Listen to that snore from such a little guy.

The Ashburn Family's joy and happiness is very contagious. It was a blast being part of their family for a day! We hope this film brings them back to this place in time over and over again.  As the years roll by faster and faster remember to take time to stop and reflect.  These moments are what life is all about.

Have we mentioned how much we love A Day In The Life?  Let us know what you think as well. 

Thank you,

Matt & Ashley