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Camille & David // Napa Valley Wedding

We first met Camille at a wedding we were filming in 2010. She was the (super talented) photographer and we instantly clicked with her. Flash forward to earlier this year, when I received a text asking if we were available for May 4th for someone who was "possibly engaged." We were beyond excited for Camille and could not wait to meet David! Camille is seriously so sweet, funny, genuine and honest, you instantly want to be her friend!

Camille is multi-talented, and is not only a talented photographer, but also a talented nurse. When she was working in San Francisco as a traveling nurse, she fell in love with Napa. So, she decided to have a destination wedding in Napa and have all of their friends and family fly in for an amazing experience.

We loved ...

... the southern charm they brought to California! The south is all about friends, family, good food and drinks. The long rectangle tables were great for conversations as food was passed down the table. Laughter filled the vineyard.

... friends and family traveled from all over to Napa! Having a destination wedding creates an intimacy among everyone there, because they all had gone to great lengths to be there for Camille and David . Joy and love radiated from every guest there.

... they let the wedding reflect them! Camille and David chose a location that they fell in love with and did not let their geographic location limit them. They made their wedding about them and everyone else was lucky enough to go on the amazing journey with them.

... the head over heals love! They were so excited to be marrying each other. The way they talked about each other, looked at each other and held on each other simply radiated love! Every couple should be consumed with each other on their wedding day.

... they let the venue serve as the decor! Their wedding was gorgeous! However, instead of going overboard on adding to the vineyard, they let the beauty of the vineyard act as part of the decor.

... their vendors were not limited to the region they were getting married in! Camille and David's wedding video and photos were really important to them. So, instead of hiring someone in Napa that they did not know, they chose to bring the people they trusted with to them. Most wedding videographers and photographers love to travel! So, find someone you really connect with and bring them to you. After all, you will be spending a lot of time with them on your wedding day. Make sure they make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Thank you Camille and David for trusting us to capture your amazing wedding! We feel lucky to have gotten to witness your amazing love!