Katie & Mehrdad // Atlanta Wedding Video

Katie and Mehrdad first met when her normal eye doctor was busy and she saw "the new doctor." So, when Mehrdad was ready to propose, he chose to do it during her annual eye exam. It just "happen" to be in the same room they had met. He asked her to close her eyes because it was going to get very blurry. She then opened her eyes and saw very clearly "Will You Marry Me?" Mehrdad was down on one knee with a "beautiful, custom designed ring" just for her! Katie and Mehrdad chose to get married at Ventanas overlooking downtown Atlanta. They wanted the city to be a key part of their wedding! The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast! You know it was awesome when they were literally shutting the venue down around them while they still danced. 

We loved ...  

... Their first look! Their first look was on the sidewalk next to Centennial Olympic Park. Mehrdad was taken back when he saw Katie and she was glowing! After having a moment to take it all in, they walked around downtown taking photos. It was so much fun! Especially with every screaming congratulations at them! 

... the Persian culture! There were so many beautiful Persian traditions throughout the day. The guests placed their hands on the rings as they entered the ceremony to bless them. During the ceremony, there was a special Persian portion that was translated into English from Farsi. Then there was the Knife Dance at the reception, it's not as scary as it sounds! 

 ... Their helicopter ride! Katie and Mehrdad left the ceremony and went on a helicopter tour of Atlanta during cocktail hour. This was the perfect chance for them to relax and let is soak in that they were officially married! They even had special permission to fly over the Braves game. Matt tagged along to capture their experience. He loved the helicopter ride and I loved that it wasn't me up there! 

... Loved their get-away car! Well, Matt loved it! One thing you may not know about Matt is he has loved the Acura NSX for most of his life. So, when he found out that Mehrdad's beloved NSX was the car they were leaving in, he was excited! 

Congratulations Katie and Mehrdad! Thank you for letting us hang out with you and trusting us to capture your amazing wedding! 


Wedding Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: Ventanas
Photographer: Once Like a Spark (Tyler) 
 Florist: Gardenia Floral (Laura)
Band/DJ: PJ
Bridal Gown: Bride Beautiful
Bridal Gown Designer: Allure Couture
Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew 
Hair Stylist: Elaine Sears
Caterer: Atlanta's Finest
Cake Decorator: McEntyre's
Invitations: Dancing Pen Calligraphy
Favors: Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm

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Heather + Kurt | You & Me Against The World

Heather and Kurt had a beautiful Oak Island wedding in Wilsonville, Alabama. The March weather was absolutely perfect! It was just the right blend of warmth, sun and clouds. Their ceremony was on the edge of the water overlooking the lake. A perfect view!

We loved ...

... their "no-kissing" rule! Heather and Kurt had decided they would not kiss during their "first look." They wanted their first kiss of the day to be as husband and wife. It was cute to see them resist against kissing during their pictures. They were so in awe of how beautiful/handsome the other was. So sweet!

... their venue! Heather and Kurt had been telling us how amazing it was at Oak Island. They instantly fell in love with it and knew without a doubt, that was were they were getting married. As we drove in, we immediately loved it too. It was stunning! It was the perfect backdrop for their wedding and enhanced the romance of their day.

... their sunset walk! As the sun was setting, we had to grab Heather and Kurt and take advantage of the amazing view. As we walked along the water, they were in their own world enjoying being husband and wife. They enjoyed their alone moments before heading back to the reception to celebrate!

Thank you Heather and Kurt for letting us be a part of your amazing day! Y'all are awesome!

Heather & Kurt's Wedding Vendors:

Venue // Oak Island - Wilsonville, Alabama Coordinator // Yolanda Tolbert - Oak Island Photographer // Say Bre Photography - Bre Conley Florist // Oak Island Makeup Artist // Rawwbeauty - Jackie Robinson Bridal Salon// Diane's Formal Affair Bridal Gown Designer // Maggie Sotterro Groom & Groomsmen // Men's Wearhouse Caterer // Chef Troy Hill - Talk of the Town Cake // Mary McNeese

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Cara & Major | American Village Wedding

We are over the moon to get to share Cara and Major's wedding. We were lucky enough to meet them 3 years ago while filming a promo for a free wedding contest. So when Major called to talk about their wedding film, we were overjoyed to capture their story. Cara and Major are amazing people, with amazing spirits and an amazing love for each other and life.

We loved ...

... their "first look"!! This is one of the sweetest "first looks" we have captured. Major's emotion as he walked to Cara. Cara's nervous giggle in anticipation of seeing Major. As they stood there with each other, they were at a loss for words. Simply beautiful!

... their quiet anticipation! As it got closer to seeing each other for the first time, Cara and Major both became quieter and began to anticipate the moments that lie ahead.

... the groomsmen's belts! Major carved a leather belt for each groomsman. Each belt had a scene carved into it that represented an experience with Major and the groomsman. What an amazingly thoughtful gift that each of them will treasure!

... Cara and Major's love for each other! Love is hard to describe, but with Cara and Major you don't need to use words. Just watch the look on their faces as they talk about each other. See the way they hold each other. And when they were in the same room, they never took their eyes off of each other. It's a pure and beautiful thing!

Congratulations Cara and Major! We are beyond excited for you both!

Cara & Major's Vendors:

Venue // American Village - Montevallo, Alabama Coordinator // Engaging Celebrations - Beverly Andrews Photographer // Eric Chapman Photography Florist // Stephanie Drake DJ // Andy Reid Hair // Mallory Anderton Makeup Artist // Louise Bridal Salon// The White Room  Bridal Gown Designer // Watters Groom & Groomsmen // Saks Caterer // Michelle Johnson Cake // Dreamcakes

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Ginny Rae & Brad | Georgia Wedding Video

As we pulled up to Ginny Rae and Brad's wedding ceremony site, I {Ashley} instantly got excited. It was over the top gorgeous! We walked down to the reception site and our excitement grew. We could not wait to start filming! Matt headed to hang out with the guys as they got ready at a cabin down the road and I headed to hang out with Ginny Rae. She was so excited about her wedding day and it was contagious!

We loved ...

... the words the pastor spoke! The film opens with the pastor speaking some of the most beautiful words I've heard. His wisdom is a challenge and a reminder.

... the sand! Because sand is such integral part of Ginny Rae's family, they integrated it throughout the wedding. You'll notice the sand holding the sign, sand in vases and sand bag seating at the Cigar Bar. We even grabbed a few shots at the sand mine.

... the first dance! Ginny Rae and Brad's first dance song began sweet and romantic then quickly changed into Baby Got Back. They Baby Got Back dance was hilarious and so fun! They let their personalities shine through. {I have a secret obsession with Baby Got Back, so I was flipping out!}

... the styling! There is no way I could blog this wedding and not mention the amazing styling by Molly at Chancey Charm. Every thing was beautifully designed and let Ginny Rae and Brad's personality shine through every detail. It was a gorgeous wedding!! And everything went perfectly!

Thank you Ginny Rae and Brad for letting us be a part of your amazing and gorgeous wedding! Congratulations!!

Ginny Rae & Brad's Vendors:

Planning & Design // Chancey Charm Weddings Photographer // Kaitie Bryant Photography

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Videography

We love talking to newly engaged couples! Couples often have a lot of the same questions. This is a short video that answers the top 5 frequently asked questions about wedding videography. The questions we cover are:

1. What is your style?
2. What are your prices?
3. What is a Feature Film?
4. How many cameras do you use?
5. Who will be filming my wedding?

This year we will be delivering a ton of content to you via videos. We will be answering questions, showing you behind the scenes and talking about our favorite gear. So, there will be a little bit for everyone. Stop by our blog frequently, follow us on Twitter, and fan us on Facebook to stay in the loop!

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