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Kristen & Marcus // Birmingham Westin Hotel Wedding

Kristen and Marcus both have a deep faith and love for music that connects them. They chose not to see each other before the wedding ceremony. As the ceremony got closer, they both got more and more excited and nervous. They were both SO ready to see each other!  They also made history by being the inaugural wedding at the new Westin Hotel in Birmingham! 

We loved ...  

... That their faith was at the center of their wedding! They both are blessed with parents in the ministry, and were lucky enough to be married by their parents (Marcus's Dad and Kristen's Mom and Dad). It is so beautiful to see parents joining their children in marriage!! 

 ... They were full of smiles, joy and laughter! They were so happy about marrying each other. You can see on their faces how much they enjoy each other's company.! 

... Kristen's Dad dancing! Kristen's Dad surprised her with unexpected dancing. He even had a hat and glove as props! Kristen just smiled and laughed. Every Father should have as much fun at their Daughter's wedding!! 

Congratulations Kristen and Marcus!! Thank you for trusting us and letting us be a part of the joy! 

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