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Morgen & Skilor // Georgia Wedding Video

Morgen and Skilor first met in middle school, but did not start dating until their senior year of high school. Skilor asked Morgen to be his girlfriend on a swing in her front yard. Flash forward five years, and she was sitting on that exact swing when he asked her to be his wife! 

We loved ... 

... That Morgen's Grandmother designed made her shoes and flowers! I have a special place in my heart for talented, crafty grandmothers! Morgen's Grandmother had always designed special wedding day Keds for the girls in her family, but Morgen got special Toms. They were so cute! And her grandmother made all of the flowers! So talented and sweet! 

... Morgen's Victorian style! Morgen's wedding style fit her perfectly! She took time to add Victorian touches throughout. Each table at her reception even had a uniquely styled centerpiece. Every table was completely different. 

... Morgen and Skilor spoke to every guest! They took time to speak to everyone and thank them for coming. And that was a lot of people! It was cute to watch them greet people, then run to the dance floor because a fun dance song came on. Then, back to greeting people. 

... They had family members make cakes for the reception! They had a whole table of special cakes made by family members. Considering all the cakes were gone, I think the guests loved it too! 

Congratulations Morgen and Skilor! 

Morgen and Skilor's Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Location - Forest Park, Georgia // Photographer - Take By Tate // Coordinator -  Mary Eidson // Catering - Farmhouse Catering // Cake - Publix // DJ - DJ NayNay // Makeup - Susan Gramling // Hair - Susan Jacobs // Paper Goods - P&J Printing // Favors - Flattened Pennies by Oded Paz