personalized vows

Rachel & Brian // Auburn Wedding Video

Meet Rachel and Brian. Not only are they super smart (aerospace engineers), super crafty, and super fun, but they're also two of the sweetest people you will ever meet! We're lucky enough to have gotten to know them and hang out with them over the past year! There are so many things we could say about their wedding, but we'll let them do the talking! 

We loved ... 

... That they made (almost) everything at their wedding! This was definitely a DIY wedding. Rachel and Brian spent a lot of time together in the months leading up to the wedding creating meaning details for their day. It is awesome when couples plan the wedding together! Not only does it represent both individuals, but it also brings you closer leading up to the big day! We gave them the hashtag #craftiestcoupleever. And it is so true! They made all the flowers, Rachel's birdcage veil, invitations, Save the Dates, programs, doors, playlist, bunting and so much more! 

... Their vows and speeches during the ceremony! Rachel and Brian took time to write vows that really spoke to each other. Brian started with "I love you because" and tell a reason he loved Rachel. Then he said "Because I love you" and made a vow to her. Then it was Rachel's turn, and then back and forth. This was a beautiful way to make unique vows to each other, speak their heart and share their heart with their loved ones. In addition to their personalized vows, they also asked five loved ones to speak during the ceremony in leui of reception speeches. This was a beautiful and unique touch! 

 ... Brian's grooms cake! Brian made his Oreo groom's cake and it not only looked awesome, but was a perfect idea. And no Oreo cake is complete without milk! As a fellow Oreos dunked in milk fan, this could be one of my favorites! 

... The cake cutting! The cake cutting is one of my favorite traditions. It's fun because it can go anyway. Will they be nice, will they shove it in each other's face, will one be nice and the other not? However, when I saw Rachel get the custom Mr. and Mrs. Reitz aprons out, I know it was going to get serious! And they did not disappoint! The aprons did their job and all attire went unharmed. 

Congratulations Rachel and Brian! Thank you for trusting us. We had an absolute blast !!  


Jenn & Tim // Oak Island Wedding

Jenn and Tim prove that no matter how far two people start off from each other, life finds a way to bring them together. Their story is one of destiny, faith, and love (definitely love)! What better place for a new chapter to begin than overlooking a lake?

We loved ...

... Tim did not want to let her go! After their first look and photos together, Jenn went to go back inside and Tim reached for her. He did not want her to leave his side. Even as they were getting photos taken only a few yards from each other, they kept stealing glances at each other. Their forever began at that moment and they did not want to miss a minute of it! This is one of the great things about couples seeing each other before the wedding, you get to spend one of the biggest days of your life hanging out with your best friend.

... their personalized vows! If you watch our films, you already know that we LOVE personalized vows! Jenn and Tim used their personalized vows to, not only share their promises to each other, but also to share parts of their story with their guests. I'm sure some of the guests did not realize Tim had forgotten to pick up his parents at the airport and drove a thousand miles to see Jenn. It is a beautiful thing to get a small glimpse into a love (their love) that would make you forget everything else around you.

... they are animal people! We have a slight obsession with our dogs, so we love that Jenn and Tim are dog people. They are even dog foster parents for Two by Two Animal Rescue. Of course their pups had to be a part of the wedding day! They were dressed in their finest and were happy to be a part of the day.

... the lanterns! The evening ended with floating lanterns filling the sky. It was romantic, magical and the perfect end to the day.

Thank you Jenn and Tim for trusting us to capture your destiny! We loved every moment of it!

A couple of fun facts: We got to see Trish and Richard at the wedding! They had just celebrated their first anniversary. It was our second weekend in a row working with J.Woodbery Photography.

No matter how far two people may start off from each other, life finds a way to bring them together. A thousand miles wasn't enough to keep these two apart. We are pleased to share Jenn & Tim's story.