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Amanda & James // Alabama Wedding Film

Amanda grew up in the small town of Childersburg, Alabama. When it came time for her to get married, she knew she wanted to get married back home. Amanda and James are both accountants. Yes, they were our second set of accountants that got married this year. :) They met at the "end of busy season" celebration their firm hosted. However, they did not start dating until two years later when they reconnected at the "end of busy season" celebration. 

We loved ...

... Amanda's mom gave her pearl earrings! These were not just pearl earrings though. Amanda's mom had two pearls taken from her pearl necklace and made into earrings. It was the sweetest gift! 

... James's face when Amanda walked down the aisle! Amanda and James did not see each other before the ceremony. They both looked forward to the moment she walked down the aisle with all of their friends and family there. James was so happy when she was walking towards him! 

... Their dancing! Amanda and James were also really looking forward to having all of their friends and family there with them to celebrate. Even a little unexpected cold weather, did not slow down the celebration! They were all on the dance floor the entire night catching up and dancing! 

Congratulations Amanda and James! 

Amanda & James's Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Ceremony Venue - Grace Baptist Church in Alabama // Wedding Reception Venue - Blue Spring Manor // Photographer - Rebecca Long Photography // Coordinator - Nicole Bulger // Florist - Nan's Flowers and Gifts & Marilyn Haynes // Catering & Cakes - Teresa's Catering and Wedding Cakes // DJ - Feel the Beat Entertainment // Makeup & Hair - Krist Green // Paper Goods - Paper Affair

EA & John // The Club Wedding

EA and John are both fitness enthusiasts and met at the gym after a brutal workout. They love living life together! Whether it is working out, traveling, spending time outdoors or worshiping, they want every experience to be together. EA and John were married in their church, Our Lady of Sorrows in Homewood, Alabama. They felt so lucky to have Father Muller marry them! They then moved the celebration to The Club overlooking Birmingham and it was perfect! 

We loved ... 

... Their first look! When EA and John looked at each other, the world melted away. They would be in their own moment, just enjoying each other and talking about the day. The first moment they saw each other, they just quietly breathed each other in. They were just in the moment.  

... How important family is! The day was not just about EA and John's marriage, but also the day EA because a mom to John's beautiful children. Family is a cornerstone of their lives. In addition to John's best friend, his wedding party included his father, grandfather and son. EA's sister was her Matron of Honor and she wore her mother's veil. 

... EA and John's reception! Their reception was at The Club on top of the world (or at least it felt that way). Which is appropriate, because they were on top of the world! In the center of the room was a live tree that reached the ceiling. It was their way of bringing the outdoors in.  

Their reception also marked our first taste of a Steel City Pop! We have heard amazing things about them and were instructed by EA and John that we must have one. If the couple says so ... :) And they were amazing! 

Congratulations EA and John! Thank you for trusting us to capture your sheer joy!

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Jenn & Tim // Oak Island Wedding

Jenn and Tim prove that no matter how far two people start off from each other, life finds a way to bring them together. Their story is one of destiny, faith, and love (definitely love)! What better place for a new chapter to begin than overlooking a lake?

We loved ...

... Tim did not want to let her go! After their first look and photos together, Jenn went to go back inside and Tim reached for her. He did not want her to leave his side. Even as they were getting photos taken only a few yards from each other, they kept stealing glances at each other. Their forever began at that moment and they did not want to miss a minute of it! This is one of the great things about couples seeing each other before the wedding, you get to spend one of the biggest days of your life hanging out with your best friend.

... their personalized vows! If you watch our films, you already know that we LOVE personalized vows! Jenn and Tim used their personalized vows to, not only share their promises to each other, but also to share parts of their story with their guests. I'm sure some of the guests did not realize Tim had forgotten to pick up his parents at the airport and drove a thousand miles to see Jenn. It is a beautiful thing to get a small glimpse into a love (their love) that would make you forget everything else around you.

... they are animal people! We have a slight obsession with our dogs, so we love that Jenn and Tim are dog people. They are even dog foster parents for Two by Two Animal Rescue. Of course their pups had to be a part of the wedding day! They were dressed in their finest and were happy to be a part of the day.

... the lanterns! The evening ended with floating lanterns filling the sky. It was romantic, magical and the perfect end to the day.

Thank you Jenn and Tim for trusting us to capture your destiny! We loved every moment of it!

A couple of fun facts: We got to see Trish and Richard at the wedding! They had just celebrated their first anniversary. It was our second weekend in a row working with J.Woodbery Photography.

No matter how far two people may start off from each other, life finds a way to bring them together. A thousand miles wasn't enough to keep these two apart. We are pleased to share Jenn & Tim's story.

Christi & John // The Battle House Hotel

Christi and John's friends realized they were perfect for each other! However, it took Christi and John a little longer to come to the same conclusion. Once they realized it too, they did not let Christi's recent move to Memphis stand in their way!

We loved ...

... their style! Christi and John's wedding had the perfect mix of classic, history, glamour and intimacy. The Crystal Ballroom at the historic Battle House Hotel in Mobile, Alabama was the perfect backdrop for family and friends to celebrate Christi and John's marriage. Christi dress looks like it was made to be worn at The Battle House!

... their smiles! They did not stop smiling all day! Throughout the morning Christi reminisced about meeting John and their relationship. They both kept saying how they could not wait to see each other. Once they were together, they were not more than an arms distance the remainder of the day!

... their faith! Christi and John began their relationship with God as the center and as they begin their marriage, they continue to put Him first. It is a beautiful thing!

Congratulations Christi and John! Thank you for trusting us and letting us be a part of your beautiful Mobile wedding!

Christi & John's Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Venue The Battle House Hotel, Mobile, Alabama // Photographer - Tiffany Hughes Photography // Coordinator - Invision Events // Florist - Rosebud // Caterer - The Battle House Renaissance // Cake - Cakes by Judi // Bridal Gown Salon - Oxford Bridal // Bridal Gown Designer - Sophia Tolli // Tuxedos - Jos. A. Bank

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Rakia + Patrick // Alabama Wedding Video

Not too long after Rakia and Patrick were engaged, we had a Skype meeting. We instantly felt bonded to them! So, when April 20th finally arrived, we were so excited for their wedding!

We loved ...

... their love and respect for each other! Within minutes of being around them (or watching their wedding film), you instantly see how head over heels in love they are. We love the look on Patrick's face as he sees Rakia for the first time walking down the aisle. And Rakia does not stop smiling all day long! The looks they give each other will seriously make you melt!

... that Rakia and Patrick planned their wedding together! Weddings are often viewed as the bride's day, but the wedding day should represent the coming together of two lives. Rakia and Patrick both spend lots of time putting thought into the details of their wedding day. When we arrived Saturday morning, Patrick was putting the last touches on the centerpieces. Also, Rakia couldn't help following up on things while getting her hair and makeup done. Everything was perfect in the end and the day was a perfect representation of them!

... their great dance skills! It was so much fun watching The Hassell's dance. It's just the beginning of a lifetime of fun and laughter for them!

Thank you Hassell's for allowing us to witness an amazing love story! We are so happy for you! You were no "Hassell" at all!

Rakia & Patrick's Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Venue // Alabama 4-H Center

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