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Rakia + Patrick // Alabama Wedding Video

Not too long after Rakia and Patrick were engaged, we had a Skype meeting. We instantly felt bonded to them! So, when April 20th finally arrived, we were so excited for their wedding!

We loved ...

... their love and respect for each other! Within minutes of being around them (or watching their wedding film), you instantly see how head over heels in love they are. We love the look on Patrick's face as he sees Rakia for the first time walking down the aisle. And Rakia does not stop smiling all day long! The looks they give each other will seriously make you melt!

... that Rakia and Patrick planned their wedding together! Weddings are often viewed as the bride's day, but the wedding day should represent the coming together of two lives. Rakia and Patrick both spend lots of time putting thought into the details of their wedding day. When we arrived Saturday morning, Patrick was putting the last touches on the centerpieces. Also, Rakia couldn't help following up on things while getting her hair and makeup done. Everything was perfect in the end and the day was a perfect representation of them!

... their great dance skills! It was so much fun watching The Hassell's dance. It's just the beginning of a lifetime of fun and laughter for them!

Thank you Hassell's for allowing us to witness an amazing love story! We are so happy for you! You were no "Hassell" at all!

Rakia & Patrick's Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Venue // Alabama 4-H Center

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