Chattanooga Wedding

Caitlin & Zack // Chattanooga Wedding at Patten Chapel

It has rained a lot in the south this summer! We had been pretty lucky because for most of the year rain ever affected our couple's wedding day. Earlier in the year, I had even said "It doesn't rain at our weddings." Well, that changed! Two weekends in a row we had non-stop rain. Luckily, Caitlin was amazing and just shrugged it off and smiled. 

We loved ...

... The morning of their wedding day! Zack just hung out of his apartment with his friends. It was a perfect way to relax before the wedding. Caitlin was actually running ahead of schedule (yeah, that never happens), so she and her bridesmaids went to Cracker Barrel for a tasty breakfast. It was such a fun and relaxing morning! 

... The fake ring! Caitlin had the unfortunate luck of having making and unexpected trip to the dentist the day before the wedding. However, because Caitlin was a "good girl" she was presented with a large pink (plastic) diamond ring. Caitlin and the bridesmaids thought it was be hilarious if Zack was handed that ring during the ceremony. And it was! :) It first Cailtin and Zack's personalities perfectly. There is always tons of joking going on. 

... A friend married them! There is nothing more special than having a friend marry you. Caitlin and Zack's ceremony was so personalized and unique to them! Their guests got to see a glimpse into how deep their love for each other is. 

We loved this day full of laughter that far outweighed the rain! Congratulations Caitlin and Zack! 


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