Married For 12 Years!

Our first picture together.

Yesterday, Matt and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. 12 years goes by really fast y'all!

I love this picture of us. I can't remember who took it, but it's our first picture. I love the awkwardness between us. We were still getting to know each other and had only been together a few weeks. Yet, I'm pretty sure we were both already head-over-heals in love!

I also love all the uncertainty of this photo. We were in our last year of college. We had no idea what jobs we would get and where that would lead us. All we knew was that we wanted our path to be the same. I would have followed this funny guy with a cute smile to the ends of the earth. 

The past 12 years have lead us on adventures I could have never predicted. The one that changed our lives more than I could have imagined is Hampton Road Studios. I am so happy I am married to a dreamer and risk-taker who called me with this "crazy" idea of making a documentary about his Papaw. I am lucky enough that I get to spend all day with my favorite person in the world. It's times like this I wish I was a better wordsmith. 

I consider Matt and I lucky. We get something most people don't. We are constantly reminded of what we felt like in that picture. We get to talk to couples all the time that are head-over-heals in love and have uncertainty ahead of them. We get to see the look on their faces as they are pronounced husband and wife and walk down the aisle. We get to see them start this amazing journey called marriage together. These moments take me back 12 years and the way I felt looking at Matt on our wedding day. Most people don't realize it, but being surrounded by love all the time is such a gift. Thank you to those who continue to trust us!

Since I'm always asking people how they met, I'll share how we met. 

It was the summer before I started graduate school, and Matt's last year of college. One of my friends was graduating and invited me on a camping trip before he left town. Matt's friend happen to invite him to go on the same camping trip. The night before we left, we all went out to eat. That's when I "officially" met this guy with a cute smile. ("Officially" means Matt actually remembered meeting me this time.) 

The first night of camping we all walked down to the dock. Everyone else decided to ride back to the campsite in the car, but Matt and I walked. Okay, maybe I only walked back so I could spend time with Matt. The next day when we headed home, Matt arranged to ride back in the car with me. 

As they were dropping me off at my house, I told Matt that I'd love to get a copy of the pictures he took over the weekend. (I know, not super smooth, but I wanted to see him again.) It worked, because a couple of days later he showed up on my porch with the disc of pictures. He also asked me out on a date. Of course, I said yes! Then my dog darted out the door and we had to chase her, and I was late for work. It never seems to go as smooth as it does in movies. 

Eight months later, we were engaged. Five months after that we were married. Twelve years later, I'm sitting here writing this. I cannot wait to see where we are in another twelve years. But it's the journey I look forward to the most!