The Lunsford Family | A Day In The Life

One of my favorite benefits of social media is how it connects you with people who inspire and move you. At the end of January, I saw a special photo session by Ashley Warren in my news feed. The session was of this adorable family of six from the past summer. Jodi (Mom) had just been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and wanted a family portrait before she lost her hair from chemotherapy. The images of their family really connected with me.

A month later, I saw some photos of Jodi come across Ashley Warren's Facebook that were taken after her last chemo treatment. The images truly captured this beautiful, strong woman who has a contagious smile.

A few days later when I received a call from Jodi, and she said Ashley had given her our name, I immediately felt connected to her and could not wait to hear the rest of her story.

We arrived at the Lunsford's a few minutes before the kids got home, which gave us a little time to get ready and hear Jodi tell their story. As we listened to Jodi relive the moments she found out she had cancer and how that affected their family, Matt and I could not help but to be overcome with emotion. The sadness quickly turned to joy as she talked about hearing she was cured only a few days before our shoot.

The atmosphere of the house changed immediately as all four kids and Dad opened the door. The house immediately erupted into scooter racing, lightsaber fighting, mermaid tales, putting the kids things up, laughter and pure joy. After taking care of their parent responsibilities, Jodi and Tobi joined in on the fun. You can see that they're a united front, even when it's just playing lightsabers with the kids.

The Lunsford family is so full of life and love. I secretly wanted to put my camera down and be part of the Lunsford family.

The Lunsford's journey is one of adversity, strength, faith, love and family. Take a few minutes to hear their story. Trust me, you will be inspired and uplifted by their strength, love and faith. Share their story in hopes it might encourage and inspire others in their journey.

Thank you Lunsfords for letting us into your life and trusting us to capture your life-changing story! You have been a blessing to us!


Cara & Major | American Village Wedding

We are over the moon to get to share Cara and Major's wedding. We were lucky enough to meet them 3 years ago while filming a promo for a free wedding contest. So when Major called to talk about their wedding film, we were overjoyed to capture their story. Cara and Major are amazing people, with amazing spirits and an amazing love for each other and life.

We loved ...

... their "first look"!! This is one of the sweetest "first looks" we have captured. Major's emotion as he walked to Cara. Cara's nervous giggle in anticipation of seeing Major. As they stood there with each other, they were at a loss for words. Simply beautiful!

... their quiet anticipation! As it got closer to seeing each other for the first time, Cara and Major both became quieter and began to anticipate the moments that lie ahead.

... the groomsmen's belts! Major carved a leather belt for each groomsman. Each belt had a scene carved into it that represented an experience with Major and the groomsman. What an amazingly thoughtful gift that each of them will treasure!

... Cara and Major's love for each other! Love is hard to describe, but with Cara and Major you don't need to use words. Just watch the look on their faces as they talk about each other. See the way they hold each other. And when they were in the same room, they never took their eyes off of each other. It's a pure and beautiful thing!

Congratulations Cara and Major! We are beyond excited for you both!

Cara & Major's Vendors:

Venue // American Village - Montevallo, Alabama Coordinator // Engaging Celebrations - Beverly Andrews Photographer // Eric Chapman Photography Florist // Stephanie Drake DJ // Andy Reid Hair // Mallory Anderton Makeup Artist // Louise Bridal Salon// The White Room  Bridal Gown Designer // Watters Groom & Groomsmen // Saks Caterer // Michelle Johnson Cake // Dreamcakes

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