Stephanie & Patrick // Stone Bridge Farms

You know those beautiful summer days where all of the colors are so vibrant and beautiful? Well, that was Stephanie and Patrick's wedding day! The skies were bright blue and the grass so green at Stone Bridge Farms. It was a happy day and the perfect day for a wedding! 

We loved ... 

... Stephanie's wedding dress and bling! The back of Stephanie's wedding dress was corset lacing, but showed her bare back. It was so pretty! And of course no bride is complete without bling to glam it up!  

... they included Drake (their dog) in the wedding pictures! (Of course!) Drake loved getting to see his parents. Although he didn't quite understand why he could not just on Stephanie and lay on her train.  

... that everyone was on the dance floor! It is so fun to see all of their parents on the dance floor laughing and celebrating. It's all about having a good time and rejoicing, right?

... Patrick's groom's cake! Patrick is a huge Cardinal's fan and his cake was a perfect representation of him. Cardinals, Cracker Jacks and baseball. He loved it, and Stephanie knew he would! 

... the fireworks! As much as we love fireworks, it was more fun to watch Stephanie and Patrick. They stood and awe while enjoying a few moments alone letting it sink in that they were married.

Congratulations Stephanie and Patrick! Everything was beautiful! Thank you for trusting us.