The Locklar Family | A Day In The Life

Something you may not know about me (Ashley) is that I have a Master's in Accounting. I was an accountant for 6 years before transitioning to Hampton Road Studios full time.

My first job out of college was at a small accounting firm where I did auditing and taxes. There I met my sweet friend Carey! We were both newlyweds, working our first job, and figuring out our way in the "real world". She was an amazing support and friend during our long hours at work!

Flash forward 6 years and our lives have taken us on journeys we never imagined! But thankfully through Facebook (of course), we have been able to keep in touch. Her family of two has doubled to include an adorable little girl and boy! They juggle life between family, work and her husband pastoring at a small church.

We had so much fun hanging out with the Locklars. Carey and Nathan are amazing parents and their family is filled with so much joy! We are so lucky to know this sweet family and to see them continue to grow!

Thank you Locklars for allowing us to spend time in your home!