The Schnader Family | A Day In The Life

We arrived at the Schnaders to find two cute little boys in their PJs. Mom and Dad start their day off with juicing and the boys insist on helping insert the fruits and vegetables.

Carter loves the train set that his dad helped him build! He has an active imagination and had named the characters that would be a part of his train adventures. He could have played with his trains all day. Coen, however, was much more interested in playing with the basketball goal. And making slam dunks!

Running through the house playing hide and go seek was filled with laughter and squeals. They all took turns counting and hiding.

The boys love to take walks with their parents on the trails. This gives them a chance to explore, run and throw rocks in the creek. Of course, you have to find the big rocks!

As the day ends, they run around the backyard playing with bubbles. Seeing who makes the biggest and who's goes the highest.

Thank you so much Schnader family for letting us be a part of your life and join in the laughter and adventure!! Enjoy this day in the life of their family!