The Knowles Family | A Day In The Life | Winter 2012

We were so excited to get to hang out with the Knowles family again this year and capture their family video! Last year, little Mason was still a little unsure of his steps and had his own way of saying things ("Kiggy"). Flash forward one year and he is an active, running, talkative little boy!

We loved spending the day with the Knowles family as they woke and and got ready for a day at the park. Mason had just discovered the excitement of flying a kite! We also got to capture their last harvest from their garden. Mason loved digging in the garden and pulling up carrots and radishes! He even searched and searched until he found a worm. After spending the morning outside, we headed inside for some play time.

Mason is all boy! He loves big machines, trains, and playing in the dirt. But he lights up the most any time his parents are playing with him. We loved getting to capture this Day in the Life of the Knowles!! Thank you Knowles family for trusting us and welcoming us into your life!!

Look back to last year and see how much Mason has grown!