Abernathy Family | A Day In The Life {2012}

There are many milestones a family experiences. Choosing your first home, the home your children will be born into, is the first of many. Then soon, there is the milestone of moving from your first home. Moving is an exciting time and a time for reminiscing.

We were lucky enough to capture this milestone for the Abernathy family. We spent the day playing in the girls' rooms and jumping on their parents' bed. We ran around and around the fireplace, playing chase. We ran and played in their yard that they have spent so much time in. Then at the end of an action packed day, we captured the Abernathy's packing up their last remaining items. It was a bittersweet day spending some of their last moments in the house where their family began and reminiscing. But this was just the beginning of the next adventure!!

Thank you to the Abernathy family for letting us be a part of it!! Enjoy this Day In The Life of the Abernathy family.