Pair Family | A Day In The Life

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We have been so busy this summer posting weddings, that we have not taken the time to post all of the other work we have been doing in between weddings. So, we are doing some catching up over the next few weeks.

Our friend (and amazing photographer) Amanda's daughter Ava turned one a few months ago. As the day was approaching, Amanda began to mention that she could not wait until the fall for another Day In The Life video. Ava had already changed so much from eight months to one year. So, we made plans for me to tag along on Ava's one year photo shoot with Ashley Warren Studios.

I was amazed at how much Ava had changed in just a few months! She even braved a few steps all by herself and easily signed "food" when she was hungry. She is so full of joy and love. I love the kisses alternating between her mommy and daddy!

We are so lucky to be able to document these precious moments that go by so quickly. Thanks Amanda for letting us capture your family!

Be sure to check out the gorgeous photos Ashley Warren captured that day!