Act Of Congress

Back in April, Act Of Congress released their second full length album, Worth Fighting For, and performed to a sold out crowd at their WorkPlay CD release party. We were lucky enough to follow them around in the week leading up to their show. We captured A Week In The Life of Act Of Congress, along with their live concert. As fans of Act Of Congress, we had a blast hanging out with them and listening to them play all week. Seriously, how often do you get to listen to a band you enjoy practice in their living room? What we captured was a raw look behind the scenes of the band. You get a peek into the promotion of an album, from radio to TV, and into the preparation for a sold out live show. Of course there are also plenty of shenanigans to balance out the work!

Here is a short trailer for their Live at WorkPlay DVD including as a bonus A Week In The Life of Act Of Congress.

Now go buy the DVD! Also, see when Act Of Congress will be playing close to you. And don't miss them!