Trish + Richard

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A little over a month ago, we shared Trish and Richard's Same Day Edit that was played during their reception. Now we want to share even more from their wedding and reception in their Highlights. We love this couple and their story so much!!

Our top three memorable moments from wedding ...

Their personalized vows. The vows were so sweet and came straight from the heart! Their words and promises gave you a glimpse into their undying love for each other. I (Ashley) was choked up during the ceremony ... and every time I watch their Highlights.

Their couple name ... Tricky. When you combine Trish and Ricky, you get Tricky. We have to agree with the best man, best couple name ever! You saw "Tricky" sprinkled throughout the day. There was a Tricky drink and Tricky trivia.

LOST. In the initial meeting with Trish and Richard, we talked about LOST as much as their wedding. For those of you who have not seen it from beginning to end, watch it now! The pieces from the LOST soundtrack was included in the ceremony, Richard's vows to Trish had LOST references and the groom's cake was a Dharma logo with cupcakes that were "the LOST numbers".

The thing I loved most about their wedding was it was completely them! They had so many personal touches that every part of the day reflected who they were separately and together. Thank you both for allowing us to be a part of it. Congratulations Trish and Richard!