Shay + Jesse

For best viewing, press PLAY and then PAUSE to allow video to fully load before watching. If the video still loads slowly, turn the HD off.

We met Shay & Jesse a little over a year ago. Getting to know them has been a wonderful process as they are two of the most caring and loving people we have ever met. They have always made us feel like a friend and we are truly grateful for that.

As their wedding approached the excitement grew. We knew that they were planning a very romantic ceremony, which was to be followed by an awesome party at Boutwell Auditorium in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The party was without a doubt one of the most joyous occasions we have ever been to.

Here are 3 things we loved about Shay & Jesse's wedding:

1) Their love for each other was written all over their faces. As Shay walked down the aisle and Jesse saw his bride for the first time that day he could only try to hold back his emotions. Everyone in the room could feel their love for each other. It is a refreshing reminder to Ashley and I about what true love really is.

2) Their garter removal was the best ever. They made it last and were both very funny and animated as Jesse removed the garter from Shay's leg. Every time we watch it we can't help but laugh. Love you guys!

3) Dancing - The group dancing was highly energetic and everyone was having a blast until the last song was played. Shay and her bridesmaids even performed a choreographed dance to Dream Girls. The guests loved it.

Shay and Jesse, we are beyond ecstatic for you both as you start your new life together. We hope this film helps bring you back to that day over and over again. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us the pleasure of being a part of your wedding.

-Matt & Ashley