Julie + Tommy

Julie and Tommy were married at Rainbow Manor in Rainbow City, Alabama, northeast of Birmingham. Julie is one of those people you instantly love! Her sweet, caring spirit and the smile on her face made her glow all day. Tommy may be the shyer of the two, but he could not hide his nervous excitement.

We narrowed down our top three favorites of their wedding ...

Julie and Tommy's highlights gives you a glimpse into our most favorite part of their story ...  their love for each other. Their love is about more than just this single day we got to share with them, it is all the days leading up to it. The happy and sad, the easy and tough, the laughter and tears. It is all of those that have bonded them together and the result is written all over their faces.

As Julie rode in the limo from her house to the chapel, they passed by her parents house. Her dad was on the front porch to wave as she rode by. You can hear her yelling to him and he did not leave the porch until the limo was out of sight.

Daddy-daughter moments at weddings always gets to me (Ashley). At 3 minutes and 12 seconds in their highlights, Julie's dad carries one side of her train as Tommy carries the other. The symbolism and sweetness of this moment gets to me every time I see it. One of my favorite wedding moments of all time!

Congratulations Julie, Tommy and Ashley!