Julie + Jacob

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A gorgeous venue, a couple that was meant to be and a lots of family and friends ... even the heat could not take away from Julie and Jacob's wedding. Julie and Jacob first met when Jacob was living in California. At first, the distance deterred Julie, but once she gave in ... the rest as they say is history.

And now for Hampton Road Studios top three things we loved about their wedding!

Julie and Jacob were married in Micah's Meadow at Mathews Manor in Springville, Alabama. The Meadow was a beautiful setting for their ceremony. The Meadow was nestled in the tree with a stream running beside it. The stone alter, along with the vine trimmed arch, was the perfect backdrop for their vows.

Julie and her dad were brought to the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage. Every little girl dreams of her fairy tale wedding, and seeing Julie arrive in a carriage got everyone a little choked up. She was gorgeous as she arrived!

Two pastors, who mean a lot to Julie and Jacob, officiated the ceremony. The pastor who opened the ceremony is a former patient of Julie's and one of the reasons Julie and Jacob ever went on that first date. Having him participate in the service and hearing his inspirational words, was so sweet.

Congratulations Julie and Jacob!