Confession | Our Photo Session

Today's post also comes with two confessions.

Confession #1: Matt and I have not had professional photos taken of us since our wedding on August 7, 2004.

We have no reason to have waited so long for a photo session. We know talented photographers, we value documenting life and we love pictures. However, we never put documenting OUR life as a top priority. Matt's family knew it may be awhile before we did it ourselves, so they gave me a photo session with our friend Amanda Pair for my birthday. I love this thoughtful gift!! Since my birthday was in December, I wanted to wait until it was warmer (and greener) to have our session.

Matt + Ash 1 - Amanda Pair

Confession #2: I was SO nervous about being on the other side of the camera!

I do not consider myself photogenic, I'm not a "camera-hog" and I do not like being the center of attention. All I envisioned were terrible photos that Amanda would be too ashamed to even post on her blog. Not that I doubted her ability as a photographer, but I doubted my ability as the subject. Of course as I'm having an internal (and external) freak out, Matt is calm and ready to perform Zoolander style.

As I was getting ready, I felt like I should call all of our clients and apologize for saying "Just relax and be yourself". How can you relax when there is a camera in your face?

As the session started I felt awkward and unsure, but within the first few clicks of the camera, I began to relax. Amanda made us relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Within a few minutes, it felt more like Matt and I were just hanging out with each other. We were doing what I was afraid we could not ... we were just being ourselves. (Thanks Amanda!)

And that is why you hire a professional photographer! Yes, they take amazing photos, but there is so much more to it than the technical side. They make you relax and are able to capture your true personality, real moments.

Matt + Ash 4 - Amanda Pair
Matt + Ash 6 - Amanda Pair

Here are a few quick tips I have for couple's getting ready for their engagement photos or anniversary photos.

1. Hire a professional you connect with.

If you connect with the photographer, you will automatically feel relaxed in front of the camera. Plus, your photo session should be fun! You want to hang out with someone you enjoy being around. This is why choosing a photographer goes way beyond just price. Connect with their work and them as a person.

2. Choose outfits that compliment each other, but are not "matchy". 

Plan your outfits so the colors look visually good together.

3. Allow yourself plenty of time.

Start getting ready early. Leave to meet your photographer early. You never know when you will run into traffic. The last thing you want to do is be stressed out for your photo session.

4. Have fun!!

Isn't that what the session is all about? Have fun and enjoy the experience. Otherwise, you may end up looking a little psychotic in your photos. :)

Matt + Ash 8 - Amanda Pair

A couple of more ...

Matt + Ash 2 - Amanda Pair
Matt + Ash 7 - Amanda Pair

All photos by Amanda Pair Photography!! Also check out her post about the shoot.