Sutton + Pete // Nashville Wedding Video

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A couple of weeks ago we traveled up towards Nashville, Tennessee for Sutton and Pete's wedding. We love any chance we get to travel to Nashville! The city is beautiful with a great vibe, plus we get Hybrid Priority Parking.

Sutton and Pete's wedding was at Wolf Den Farms in Brentwood, Tennessee. As we rounded the corner, we were instantly excited to see the barn and pastures of horses. It was simply breathtaking!

There are so many favorites from Sutton and Pete's wedding ....

First off, Sutton and Pete were our favorite part of the whole day! The happiness in their eyes as they said their vows and danced was so sweet. They are both the sweetest people and simply enjoyed the day and had fun. Have you ever seen a cuter couple skip down the aisle after they were married?

The burlap linens with lace overlays, along with mason jars and wine glasses, were the perfect visual description of their wedding day ... rustic and elegant.

I fell in love with their succulent boutonnieres and the subtle succulents in the bridal bouquet.

Sutton's dad gave some wonderful advice during the reception that all married couples need to hear. "May your love be modern to survive the times, but old fashion enough to last forever." How wonderful is that?

With Big Event Wedding you never know what surprises will show up! For example, fun masks were passed out to all of the guests midway through the night, Finally, Sutton and Pete were surprised with an antique GM truck to leave in. The perfect getaway for the farm!

After watching Sutton and Pete's story, you will fall in love with them!

Congratulations Sutton and Pete!!

Their wedding team:
Location: Nashville, TN Wedding
Venue: Wolf Den Farms 
Coordinator: Big Events Wedding
Photographer: Marielle Hayes Photography