Natalie + Dee

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We are happy to share Natalie and Dee's wedding at First Baptist Church of Trussville. Natalie has easily been crowned "Hampton Road's Most Excited Bride Ever"! Natalie was excited all day and her excitement was contagious. I heard one guest say "You're so excited, it's making me so excited for you." Natalie was not the only one excited, Dee was so very excited to be marrying her.

Now for the things we loved most about their wedding ...

Natalie and Dee did not see each other before the ceremony. The moment he saw her as she started down the aisle, his face just lit up! As they walked up the steps to say their vows, you can hear Dee whisper "Stunning." Now tell me that does not make you want to melt!

We love the emotion in their voice as they repeated their vows. You can hear in their voice that Natalie and Dee meant every single word.

Natalie loves bling! Her shirt spelled out Bride in bling, she was dressed in bling and her wedding cake was the epitome of bling. It was covered from top to bottom with shimmery bling and was on a cake stand that sparkled from across the room.

However, not to be outdone by Natalie, Dee's groom's cake was a table of chocolate tastiness. His cake paid homage to the joy and goodness of Little Debbie. Nutter Butters and Fudge Rounds covered his chocolate cake.

A few other food highlights of the reception were, burgers, fries and freshly made milkshakes. They wanted their wedding to completely represent them! And it did.

Natalie and Dee chose not to see each other before the ceremony and did not want to miss their reception taking pictures. So their photographer, Jessica Wright, chose to do a photo session with just the two of them after the reception. We all had so much fun! There were no pressures with time and no worries of the dress getting dirty. Plus, the joy of being newly married, made them glow.

One highlight from their "after the wedding" session was their first dance by the river. Matt provided their first song, "In The Name of Love" by U2. (I think it is because he secretly wishes that was his first dance song.) We also took an adventure into the river. Natalie was up for anything! There are not many brides who would walk down an embankment to get photos made in the river while wearing stillettos.

Congratulations Natalie and Dee! We had a blast!

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Natalie & Dee's Vendors Location: Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photography: Jessica Wright Photography Florist:  Margie Mcullough Caterer/Cakes: Sherry's Catering Invitations: Alan's Invitations