Feel The Beat Promo

For best viewing, press PLAY and then PAUSE to allow video to fully load before watching. If the video still loads slowly, turn the HD off.

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed Matt and I went to the prom last Friday night. No, we weren't being creepy and crashing prom! We actually went to grab some footage of our friends at Feel The Beat Entertainment in action. If you haven't been to a party or wedding that had a Feel The Beat DJ, you are in for a treat!

Feel The Beat always takes it to the next level. You will never see them just standing behind a table playing some lame music with no one dancing on the floor. Their DJs keep the party going, play the music you want to hear, and just make it a fun, memorable party.

In addition to keeping the reception and party fun and entertaining, they also change the way the whole room looks. Talk to them about their lighting options and LED furniture. They can completely transform a room!

Take a few minutes and watch the promo above to see Danny Brewer and his team in action. Then contact them to learn more.