Water Life | Tennessee Aquarium

Ashley and I are huge fans of zoos and aquariums.  We were able to finally make it back to the Tennessee Aquarium over Christmas vacation.  The Tennessee Aquarium is great because it has a River Tour and an Ocean Tour in two separate buildings.  Our favorite is the Ocean Tour, mainly due to the sharks and jelly fish, but both are fantastic.  Two of the funniest animal exhibits have to be the otters and the penguins.  Both of these usually provide you with entertaining antics from the animals. 

I brought along the 5d mark II and the Canon 100mm L Macro and shot some video of my favorite exhibits.  This lens is great because it is so sharp that even shooting through very thick glass still provided a very usable image.  Stabilization was provided by a Manfrotto monopod.

The titling was created using After Effects CS5.5.

What are you favorite aquariums or zoos?