Stephanie + Ryan

Stephanie and Ryan's wedding will go down in the Hampton Road Studios history books as the most last minute wedding ever booked. I received a phone call Saturday morning from Jackie with Rawwbeauty (she's awesome by the way) that Stephanie decided she had to have her wedding filmed. Were we available to shoot her wedding in a few hours? We had the day free, so we started checking batteries and getting in wedding mode.

We got to the wedding and were excited to see Wynter Photography was the photographer! Everyone was in 'go' mode, but Stephanie was so sweet and relaxed. We got the game plan for the day and we fell into 'go' mode also.

Stephanie and Ryan had a sweet ceremony and were excited to get to the reception to continue celebrating with friends and family. The reception was full of energy and excitement. Their wedding also made it to the history books as having the Best Groomsmen Dance ever! 

We are thrilled we were able to shoot Stephanie and Ryan's wedding!