Molly Green | Commercial

Molly Green recently opened in Homewood, Alabama. Molly Green is not your average clothing boutique, it's an eco chic boutique. Meaning your earth friendly lifestyle does not have to stop when you go shopping. Also, eco does not mean drab, the clothes they carry are stylish and trendy.

Kelly (Spindle Photography) contacted me asking if we could squeeze in a commercial for Molly Green. We had previously collaborated with Kelly on the Where The Wild Things Are shoot, so we definitely wanted to do this project. We squeezed in the shoot on the one day we had nothing scheduled.

We had an extremely tight shooting schedule. Call time was at 5:30 AM (wow, that was early!), we had our shot list and quickly moved from one shot to the next.

We wanted to tell the story of a girl living an earth-friendly lifestyle in her eco friendly clothes. We loved that we got to incorporate the Homewood Farmer's Market in the shooting!

Music was a key part of the commercial. We did not want voiceover. We wanted music to move you through the commercial and let you experience life in Molly Green clothing. A (beyond) huge thanks goes out to Sarah and Will Mason. They were sweet enough to work on our tight schedule and nailed the song! They took what I was trying to say, and turned it into the perfect song for the commercial. So, you can thank them for the catchy song that will be stuck in your head all day. Also, they have a recording studio and teach lessons. Check them out!

Also a huge thanks to Brittany the owner of Molly Green, Kelly with Spindle Photography, Nancy McColl and our actress/model Katherine Ross. Look for the commercial to air on Birmingham's ABC 33/40 over the next few months. Make sure you stop by Molly Green and see Brittany. Let her know if you heard about Molly Green through the commercial.

And the designers of the adorable clothes featured: