Retro Bathing Suit | Photo Shoot BTS

Mix a very talented designer, photographer, some gorgeous models, and a bunch of retro styled bathing suits and you know you are going to get something fun.

This shoot was styled by Stephanie Drake from Proper Measures for Alabama Magazine. Stephanie's eye for detail and style is amazing. If you haven't looked at her site be sure to do so. We have been fortunate enough to work with her on quite a few projects and we are still in awe.

Photography was provided by Major Colbert with Major Colbert Photography. His photography is unique and professional to the highest level. One of the photos from the shoot was featured on the cover of Alabama Magazine's July/August Issue.

The model's were decked out in retro styled bathing suits. Scenes included the use of the pool, adult beverages, and a beautiful view overlooking Birmingham. Some of the pool shots were taken by Major from inside the pool. He had fashioned a water-tight bucket with a clear window in which he could place his Canon 5d mark II. This allowed him to get a unique angle and still protect the camera.

We tagged along to get a cool behing the scenes video of the shoot. Our goal, as always, is to tell the story of what went on when the camera shutter was being snapped. You get to see the models laughing, the photographer prepping, and the stylist directing.

Thanks for watching.