RED 'Feed The Machine' Music Video | Behind The Scenes

We have been waiting since April to share this with you! We were lucky enough to hang out with the RED guys and shoot the behind the scenes of their "Feed The Machine" video. RED paired with directors, Andy and Jon Erwin, to create a truly epic music video. It is actually more of a short film than a music video.

RED is a Grammy nominated Christian rock band who continues to top the charts. They have also appeared on Conan and Jay Leno. So, if you have not heard them yet, you will!

The first day started out at Sloss Furnace in the underground tunnels. Sloss Furnace alone is an amazing location, but then you add the props and the location could not have been more perfect. Okay, I'll admit it ... Sloss is really creepy at night in the pitch black! I think it's fair to say we were all a little on edge walking back and forth to the tunnel with practically no light. Of course it does not help that Sloss is known to be haunted. Thankfully we all survived our night at Sloss Furnace.

The second day was a long day at a tire tread company, but everyone was jazzed because of one word ... EXPLOSIONS! The day started out with the guys heading to "make-up". And by "make-up," I mean they headed to get dirt put on them. There is actually something called Clean Dirt that make-up artists used. The guys also helped out by finding dirt and mud piles to roll in.

There was an open casting call to all RED fans to be extras in the video. The turn out was great! Fans came from all over. Jim came all the way from Washington DC and you can see him in the video.

The pinnacle of the night was of course the explosions! Who does not love a good explosion? They ran four cameras during the explosion scenes, so I went from shooting behind the scenes, to shooting the actual video for those takes. The pyro guys were awesome and the explosions and fire were spectacular! It's amazing how far away you can feel the heat. I loved that after the test explosion I heard they pyro guys giddy laugh echoing. I can truly say, those guys love their job!

I loved being a part of this project and getting to hang out with Anthony, Randy, Michael and Joe. It is truly Epic!

- Ashley