BASE RAID | Short Film

Matt's brother, Jake, graduated from UGA Pharmacy school in May 2011.  So the whole family spent a week at the lake to celebrate.  On one of those days at the lake we asked Jake and his girlfriend, Kristen, to take part in an action short film for fun. 

BASE RAID is our first attempt at producing action scenes in a film environment.  The plot is simple, length is short, and overall concept was kept on a small scale.  Despite all of this there were still huge amounts of post production work that had to be done to create this short film.

We bought most of the props from eBay or Walmart.  The rest we made from junk laying around the house.  The grenades were made from water bottles and old bread rolls placed inside for rigidity.  The handguns are obviously toy guns, hence their orange tips.

We had so much fun filming the action scenes.  You feel silly pretending to shoot a gun at someone like you are 5 years old.  However, once the muzzle flashes and sound effects are added it makes it much more believable.

The dialog and acting was kept to a minimum since none of us are trained professional actors.  Running and shooting guns though, we've got that covered.

Some people might ask why a company that focuses on filming weddings and doing corporate work would make something like BASE RAID.  Our philosophy is simple, push ourselves to always expand our capabilities.  You never know what the next project will teach you.  You also never know when those newly learned skills will come in handy.

We hope you enjoyed this little short film.  We can't wait until we get time make the next one.


-Matt & Ashley