Multiple Sclerosis Walk In Homewood, Alabama

I have to admit that I didn't know a lot about Multiple Sclerosis Walk (MS) before last Saturday as I really haven't known anyone affected by it. So when we got asked by Melissa Pardi and Taylor Haynie from our church if we could come down to Homewood, Alabama to get some video footage of the MS Walk, I knew I was going to learn something new. I'm always up for learning something.

I walked around with my camera and filmed the people who were present. Everyone was extremely friendly and in good spirits. Several people came up to me and struck up conversations about cameras and gear. For some reason, the Redrock Micro Shoulder Mount is always a conversation starter. I guess I am used to it, but it isn't something other people see on a daily basis.

A few puppies were also present at the event. One that kept catching my eye was a basset hound. He was just so laid back and happy. He also reminded me of my childhood dog, Duchess, who was a beagle. She was such a good dog (side note).

MS affects about 400,000 Americans and 2.1 Million people worldwide. It is usually discovered in people when they are in the prime of their life (20 - 50 years of age). A lot is still unknown about MS, but it is thought to be an immune system disorder, with the body attacking its own nervous system. There are more than 40,000 people enrolled in clinical MS trials worldwide.

The MS walk is an event designed to bring people and businesses together to help raise money to fight MS. Family's affected by MS came out to Homewood, Alabama in droves to walk for the fight. Businesses donated their time, money, and services for the benefit as well. The group got warmed up for the walk by doing some Jazzercize, and then the walk started. Some people stayed inside of Homewood park, and others chose to go on a 1 mile out-and-back stretch.

We really enjoyed getting to be a part of this event. We hope that this video showcases how nicely done the event was and that it helps bring awareness to MS.

If you or someone know has MS you can learn more information at the National MS Society's website here: