The Alexa Rankin Band | Music Video Premier

On July 9-11, we participated in the first ever Sidewalk Scramble Jam.  A Scramble is a 48 hour film competition.  Meaning, you have 48 hours to plan, shoot and edit the film.  Here's a recap of our weekend. Friday night - 7:00pm - kickoff at Workplay.  All of the filmmakers and musicians were randomly paired together and then the fun began. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about being paired with a random group of people. Lots of questions were going through my head: Would I like their music? Would they be easy to work with? Would we share the same vision? You get the point. Finally they called our name, and after what seemed like an extremely long pause, they announced the Alexa Rankin Band. I relaxed immediately when I met this awesome group of people! Since my world revolves around food, we all headed to Taziki's to eat and do pre-production.  By the end of the night, we had a production schedule and locations.

Saturday - 6:30am - meet downtown. We were up bright and early to start shooting. We were lucky enough to get access to a rooftop down town for the full band performance. The shots we were able to get were amazing! So, if you thought you heard drums at 6:30 in the morning, that may have been us. We wrapped up the rooftop shots and headed to Wildflower Wax (owned by Alexa's parents) in Old Towne Helena. We filmed the remaining shots near their store. A last minute prop find was the old truck we were able to use for the traveling shots. It worked out perfect. After a long morning, we called it a wrap and all headed our separate directions for lunch and relaxation.

Saturday - 3:00pm - The Nick Rocks, Birmingham, AL. The Alexa Rankin Band had a show at The Nick Rocks Saturday afternoon which gave us a perfect opportunity for the final shot of the video. Final shot ... check ... and that's a wrap!

Saturday night - Sunday morning - editing. Matt is a rockstar when it comes to knocking an edit out and doing it quickly. He worked hard and the result was amazing!

Sunday  - 5:00pm - turn in the music video to Sidewalk. We were ready to have the final video in their possession and then we could finally relax. And done!!

The whole process was so much fun! We could not have asked for a more awesome and talented band to work with. We are thrilled with the final product and it's something we are proud of, so we view that as a success!

We are so lucky that Duncan's mom Jan is a photographer and the day was well documented. Check out all the behind the scene pictures.

A huge thanks to:

The Band: Alexa Rankin Duncan King Dave Rankin Steve Wheeler

The Crew: Jacob Hampton Kristen Cartledge Jennifer Rankin

Photographer: Jan King

And the result of a lot of hard work ...